Charlotte Something



This is Baldwin, He is a Bear. He is a very unfortunate Bear. It seems that, no matter what Baldwin does, he meets an unfortunate end. When he isn't busy dying in every way possible, he likes to cosplay.

Baldwin is a creation of mine that I have been working on for the past 6 years. It started, as most ideas do, as a doodle whilst I was waiting for my mum to finish work. The doodle consisted of 3 bears looking "psychotic" weilding different weapons, with one "ordinary" bear in the background weilding a fork saying "Wrong picnic". This then inspired me to do a one of piece of a full Teddy Bear Picnic scene. With several bears, in the woods, killing themselves in different ways. Sadistic I know. This was when I came up with the name of "Psycho Bears". I then created a series of different scenarios with each bear taking metaphors and turning them into literal situations. For example "Eat Your Heart Out". I then went on to create a series of "Serial Killer" bears. Each piece was inspired by a real life serial killer. After these, the "Psycho Bears" stopped. I didnt draw them very much and they soon just became doodles again, until 2013. This was when I decided to perfect the design, and turn it into one singular character who was just more unfortunate rather than psychotic. The name Baldwin was picked and then, the age of Baldwin, The Unfortunate Bear was born. Since then I've been doing short comic strips and one off pieces to show just how unfortunate he really is. He is one of my favourite things to draw and I want to show him off to the world. So let me introduce you to Baldwin, the Unfortunate Bear.

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